Commercial Loan Representation

Our experienced attorneys represent commercial lenders and trust deed note holders in workouts, modifications, restructures, collection and bankruptcy.

Legal Services include:

  • Negotiate and Document Workouts & Modifications
  • Enforce Assignment of Rents
  • Marshall Assets
  • Pursue Deficiency Judgments
  • Creditor Representation in Bankruptcy

Increase collection and improve your lending portfolio and reduce your legal costs with Outside General Counsel.

Residential Loan Modifications – Lender Representation Only

Nevada Lenders have become inundated with mandatory mediation requests in connection residential foreclosures.

Outside General Counsel will save time, money and travel expenses as Lender representative. Outside General Counsel can assist Lenders with the following residential mediation services all at a fixed fee*:

  • Correspondence between customer and Lender
  • Attend Mandatory Mediation and negotiate modification if approved by Lender
  • Coordinate modification documentation
  • Regular status reports to the Lender

* fixed fees are negotiated on a case by case basis.

REO & Loan Purchase Advisory Service
(Due Diligence)

If you are considering purchasing REO or loan portfolios of performing or distressed loans, Outside General Counsel can assist you in assessing and managing risk comprehensive real estate and loan portfolio due diligence service. Our services include portfolio analysis, due diligence management, bid package preparation, document imaging, closing, and post-closing activities. We can also assist your financial team with loan valuation. Our REO purchase advisory service is designed to underwrite the real estate due diligence for each property, including the following services:
Property ownership and title analysis
Due diligence review of entitlements, zoning and other property impacts
Offer or bid package preparation
Transaction negotiation and drafting documents
Post closing activities

Our loan purchase advisory service is customized to meet your objectives, including the following services:

  • Loan portfolio analysis
  • Online and traditional due diligence management
  • Offer or bid package preparation
  • Transaction negotiation and drafting documents
  • Closing
  • Post closing activities

Outside General Counsel can provide these services on an hourly or fixed fee basis, contact us today to discuss your transaction.