• Litigation and Risk Evaluation
  • Settlement Negotiations
  • Arbitration & Mitigation
  • Litigation Document Review
  • Manage Outside Counsel
  • Modifications and Restructures

“Litigation expenses can be an overwhelming line item of a company’s financial statement. Rather than being tied to the legal issue such as whether a contract is enforceable, too often the outcome of a lawsuit is contingent on other factors such as legal defenses, ability to finance or defend a lawsuit, calculation of damages and how the judge and/or jury interpret the facts. Settlement often offers a more affordable and certain outcome.”

Shauna Brennan, Principal of Brennan Legal Counsel Group, PLLC

Business Owners and Corporate Executives need to have independent legal review of the issues by attorneys with no stake in the outcome of the matter who will give straight answers. At Brennan Legal Counsel Group, PLLC our attorneys, as former in-house counsel, are uniquely suited to review proactive and defensive litigation in a business risk assessment format and offer frank advice about settlements.

Outside General Counsel will make every effort to advise and negotiate a favorable settlement for your business and avoid litigation. Studies prove that both Plaintiffs and Defendants fair better in settlement than in court. (Let’s Not Make a Deal: an Empirical Study of Decision Making in Unsuccessful Settlement Negotiations, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, Sept. 2008) According to the Study, in the vast majority of cases, Plaintiffs receive larger settlement offers than verdicts. In settlement, Defendants reduce legal fees and litigation costs, lost opportunity and business loss associated with being the subject of a lawsuit. It is the objective of Outside General Counsel is to minimize the litigation risks and costs for each client.

In the event that litigation is necessary, Outside General Counsel will provide representation in jurisdictions where we are licensed or identify and refer a litigation counsel with the appropriate experience and expertise for the case, whether intellectual property, personal injury, human resources, environmental containment or any other matter. Outside General Counsel will also provide case management services for your business and assist you in containing your legal fees. In these tough economic times, Outside General Counsel has the experience to assist with collections, workouts and modifications of loans, disputes and retain local litigators if the matter goes to court.