About Us

Outside General Counsel, part of Brennan Legal Counsel Group, PLLC, is owned and operated by former in-house attorneys with over 40 years combined legal experience. At Outside General Counsel we provide legal advice to companies in the context of your unique business operations and objectives. As former in-house counsel we understand how business objectives and budgetary constraints affect your decisions. Our legal advice is pertinent to your business and integrates with your goals. We respect our client’s need to contain legal fees by implementing a variety of compensation agreements, including fixed monthly retainer, flat fees or low hourly rates. You choose what works best with your budget.

Practice Areas

Legal Advice

Comprehensive Legal Advice

Staff Attorney on a Project Basis


Excessive Law Firm Fees

In-house Legal Costs


Direct access to experienced corporate counsel

Fixed fee or lower hourly fees

Outside General Counsel

Outside General Counsel legal fees are considerably lower than other private law firms. We can do this because we meet with you at your company and we do not have to maintain large, expensive offices or incur expensive overhead. You will also save considerably over the cost of payroll and benefits of in-house attorneys. At Brennan Legal Counsel Group, PLLC you use us when you need us and do not have to worry about reoccurring payroll or line items in your budgets.