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Commercial Real Estate
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Our Commercial Real Estate practice offers comprehensive legal services for all stages of the real estate process, from acquisition to disposition. Our team of experienced lawyers provide development advice including land use planning, zoning, and building permits. We also prepare request for proposals, bid evaluations, negotiate and draft contracts, and provide construction financing options. Our expertise in drafting opinion letters makes us the go-to choice for all your commercial real estate needs.

Insight, Structure, Protection


Unique Properties



Senior Housing

Assisted Living

Retail- Shopping Centers, Big Box, Strip Centers, Grocery Anchored



Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act


Due Diligence

At our law firm, we prioritize due diligence for any business venture, whether it involves a purchase, sale, or growth. With our extensive experience in the field, we conduct comprehensive reviews of contracts, land use, and leases to minimize risk and maximize success. Trust us to provide the necessary legal support for your business to thrive.

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